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Cleaning of confine space

We offer Cleaning of confine space which include:
  • Tank farms, submerged diesel tank, surface tanks

Cleaning tanks have a history of being expensive, time consuming, and generate solid waste and it is a science that most companies have yet to master. We can offer your company the following benefits from using our system:

• Significant reduction in tank cleaning costs.
• Cut your tank out of service time for cleaning.
• Return tanks to service faster.
• Decrease margin/debit loss from not having the tank available for product.
• Reduce your waste disposal by 90% in most cases.
• Reduce personnel exposure to hazardous materials.

Solvent Extraction is;
• Safe
• Effective
• Environmentally friendly
• Simple to execute

Tank / Bilge Services

Our crews are trained and experienced in water jetting for surface preparation and for entry into confined spaces, breathing apparatus and safety equipment is available as and when required to ensure the well being of our crew, additional equipment such as scaffolding can also be brought in to facilitate cleaning.

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